Monday, July 19, 2010

Swatches are Good, Losing weight, and zombies?

Well, even if I do not get my Sugarpill stuff today, I will swatch the cool stuff that I have to show you what I like to use. I have MAC, Ben Nye, Beauty from the Earth, Lime Crime, OCC, NYX, etc. I got a lot of stuff I guess I should show. I will provide links to all of it!

Also, I am trying to lose weight not only for my man, but most importantly for myself. I am working a very physical job and I am currently going to SpaLady... Yeah, I have had a membership for 3 months and I have gone 3 times. The locations are highly inconvenient, and I want to be able to go with my man since he wants to work out too. *rawr*

I am going to see if they will let me transfer my membership to World Health, that way it is close to where I work and I can have workout buddies.

Since I started shipping receiving, I have lost close to 15 lbs in 2 weeks. I eat, believe me, I am not saying no to food EVER! But I want to lose it faster but still in a healthy way, so if I go to the gym too, it will be awesome and I will be able to wear my dream dress.

Yes people this is the dress I am DYING TO WEAR! It's a gorgeous color, it's a gorgeous cut, and by god I will fit in it!

So I need motivation to keep on keeping on with everything.

Oh yes... zombies, well I worked with a photographer whose work I have admired for quite some time. Her name is Karin Locke and she is an Edmonton Based photographer who does amazing work!(
The picture to the left is an example of her work.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and her group. The model of the day was Medina ( who was done up as a Zombie Nurse and she rocked it, it was so fun!!! Our victim who is not on Model Mayhem, as far as I know, was the best victim ever! We had a pig heart, fake blood, sick location, it was awesome!
I am so excited to get the photos back all done up and creepified!
Those are the shoots where I sit and think "I am so ridiculously happy with what I do".
Until Later Muffins!
Courtney of Glamazon Beauty

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