Monday, July 12, 2010

First Ever Blog and Exciting News

Well hello muffins!

So this is the first entry in my first ever blog page... I am over 20 and I have never used one before. God I am so out of touch with technology.

Anyhoopy, in the next few days I am expecting some products from sugarpill cosmetics. I have not ordered the loose pigments due to the fact that I was more in the market to find some exceptional matte shades instead of a loose color packed with glitter.

This is the lovely Amy aka Shrinkle that created the Sugarpill line. This picture is taken her website, it is not my image at all. I used to buy Kryolan from her every now and again on ebay (She still sell kryolan there!) and I was always incredibly happy with the product I received and she was so very sweet and understanding with my financial situation when I had made one of my orders. Everything ended up great and it left me with a very good opinion of this ambitous young woman.

As it stands I have ordered the following. All are pressed eyeshadows.

- Buttercupcake (Matte yellow)

- Poison Plum (Strong purple with a tiny bit of glitter)

- Dollipop (Matte Hot Pink/Fuschia)

- Love+ (Matte Red) I am DYING to test this one out!

- Afterparty (Matte Light Turqouise Blue)

I have heard really mixed reviews from Make-up artists that I consider to be at the top of their game, so I want to form my own opinion from my own experiences.

In other News, I also got a Air compressor unit (IWATA Ninja) so I can start airbrushing. I have been using OCC Airbrushing foundations, blushes, shimmers, and color correctors. So far I am absolutely in love. The Following is an example of work I have done with the airbrushing system. (Credits to me for the Make-up and to Renee Robyn Photography for the picture). The Model's name is Jodi and her skin is just flawless, I mean perfect! Her foundation was done in less than a minute. It was insanely easy to use, no blending required and the application was flawless! I also love OCC for the fact that their formulas have no silicone in them. They are all water based.

So with this, I shall probably post once I get my product in the mail. If you have any requests for looks, just let me know and I will see what i can do. So far my video camera is being difficult and saving stuff in .mov format instead of .avi format. So I try to get a program to help me convert it and it watermarks the entire video. ARGH! I must find someone technilogically enclined to help me.

Until later muffins!

Courtney of Glamazon Beauty

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