Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More Swatchy goodness!

Hello Glamazons!

So I have decided it is time to swatch some tried tested and true eye shadows from Urban Decay. More specifically, 2 palettes that they have readily available on Sephora or ebay. The Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow Palette and the Urban Decay Urban Ammo Palette. One is more hip and funky while the other is more edgy and dark.

So let's commence:
This is the packaging for the Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow palette. I do apologize for the image being so dark, a flash would have made this much too bright. We get a nice velvet purple exterior with a metallic linky piece on the top which serves no purpose other than it looks nice?

The Colors:
Fishnet - A pinky purple with a blue duochrome shimmer.
Honey - A true gold shimmer
Ransom - A very bluish purple shimmer
Graffiti - A bright apple green shimmer
Zero - Black shimmer
Peace - A Sky blue shimmer
Shag - A peachy apricot brown shimmer
Scratch - A soft pink shimmer
Underground - A brown shimmer with hints of plum undertone.

Underneath are the swatches in the exact same order they are inside the palette. The hand on the left has no base or primer. The hand on the right has the Urban Decay Primer Potion. HUGE DIFFERENCE!

This is the packaging for the Urban Decay Urban
Ammo Palette. It is a matte black case with a pink/purple foil patter and a deep Velvet purple pattern over top. I think it is very pretty!
Like the other palette, it is made primarily of cardboard and has a magnet to hold it shut.

The Colors:
Smog - a midtone rusty brown shimmer
Mildew - a deep moss green shimmer
Oil Slick - A black shimmer with glitter
Last Call - A deep fuchsia shimmer
Chopper - A light copper shimmer
Maui Wowie - A light gold shimmer with glitter
Shattered - a light blue shimmer with light green duochrome
Polyester Bride - A white shimmer
Grifter - A pinky lilac shimmer with glitter
Sin - A peachy pink Shimmer

The swatches are in the exact same order as they come in the palette. As you can see, the hand on the left has no base or primer. The hand on the right has Urban Decay Primer Potion as a base. Once again HUGE DIFFERENCE!!!!

- Highly Pigmented
- Lasting wear
- very blendable and buildable
- fun colors

- pricier
- No matte colors in the palettes so if you are older, beware and remember, shimmer sets in wrinkles and makes them look worse.
-The palette is okay for personal use but I do not like the fact that I cannot remove the shadows without butchering the palette
- The palette is cardboard
Would I recommend it? - I would, but more so for personal use. If you are a make-up artist beware, the palette takes up a fair bit of space.

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