Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A New Gym, Swatches, and the importance of a good base

Hello muffins!

Here goes blog entry number 3!!!

So, I am getting ready to leave the huge failure that is Spa-Lady and go to World Health. They are seeing about me being able to switch over since they have to same company that I have to make payments to. I hope so because I do not want to have to buy myself out of my spa-lady contract if they can just transfer me over.
The people there seem so nice and the facilities are sick! (which is buggin street slang for holy shit, they thought of everything!)

now for the swatches. It is a little complicated, so I took a window shot from the comp to try and make it easier to understand. (http://www.bubbasikes.com/supersavers.html)

So, here is where the link should take you as long as you scroll down and actually look for it. they have a 6 color palette and a 12 color palette. I have the 12.


So, please ignore the 4 out of place pans on the top of the picture. They are there to simply reduce the amount of wasted space in my kit.

Top Row Colors: Ice, Silver, Aztec Gold, Azalea, Cosmic Blue, Sunshine Yellow
Bottom Row Colors: Iced Gold, Tangerine, Chartreuse, Jade, Amethyst, and Cosmic Violet

These shadows are vibrant when used wet or over a good base.

These colors are manufactured by Ben Nye which usually means 2 things.

1) The product is affordable
2) The product is of theatrical quality

The picture on my right is the colors swatched on my hand in the exact same order they will come in the ordered palette. I did the iced gold again on the bottom just because the angle on the picture hid it.
Have you noticed the bottom halves of the swatches are more vibrant? I used Urban Decay Primer Potion as a base for the bottom halves so I could illustrate the importance and impact of a good base for you eyeshadow. I would have taken a picture of the bottle of UDPP if I still had it, unfortunately, I de-potted it into a more economical container.
This palette is well worth the money! It is highly pigmented, very versatile, and you get a boatload of product! This palette has lasted me over a year! 12 colors of good eyeshadow for $51.00? Too expensive? DO THE MATH! 51 divided by 12 is $4.25 per shadow. You can't even get cover girl (which sucks) that cheap! It is worth the investment if you are a color fiend!
- Highly Pigmented
- Lasting wear
- very blendable and buildable
- fun colors
- when you run out of a color, you can order a replacement from the same people!
- Hard to afford at once
Would I recommend it? - HELL TO THE YEAH!
And a good base is essential not only for make-up in photography, but for daily wear as well. It extends the wear of the eyeshadow you put on, gives you better color pay off, it keeps make-up from creasing and provides a smooth surface for make-up to adhere.
Make-up Bases I Recommend:
-Urban Decay Primer Potion (VERY GOOD FOR OILY LIDS)
-Too Faced Shadow Insurance (Just as good as Urban decay, packaged better)
-Lemon -aid by Benefit (Just for creating an even base, after a while it will crease on oily lids)
Until next time My muffins!
Courtney of Glamazon Beauty

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