Monday, August 30, 2010

Brigitte Bardot, the Swedish Chef, and All the girls waiting in the line at the bathroom!

Hello Glamazons!

So as you can see from my title, today's blog has to do with some pretty oddball things. I shall explain!

The Inspiration for the title came from one shoot I had on Saturday with a talented photographer named Brendan Brown. He had approached me via facebook and asked if I would be willing to do a vintage Brigitte Bardot inspired shoot, and I thought YAY!!!!!

Here was the inspiration picture that Brendan had given me. Isn't it stunning!? When I realized I was going to be able to re-create a vintage vixen like Brigitte Bardot, i was twitterpated!

So we organized everything, and I got my shtuff ready to go!

When I got there the wonderful Victoria Stevens had already finished the hair and her and Bracken, our model, were getting high on Hairspray Fumes.

Then it was time for Make-up. Brendan "Secretly" filmed me doing the Make-up on Bracken and she was really funny! Throughout the make-up application, there were times we had to stop and regain our composure. We even started having us all talk about the Old Muppet Show (Do not ask how that got brought up, I have no idea!) and who our favorite characters were. We went through. Brendan impersonated Kermit once or twice. I broiught out my Swedish Chef Impersonation. He filmed it, thank god he edited it out of the film. I want to be known for the talents I find useful. Impersonating a muppet is not how I want to gain fame. ^_^

Here is the video of the make-up that Brendan put together! I thought it was Epic!

Thanks for tuning in!

p.s. - Incase you were wondering about the whole "All the girls waiting in the line for the Bathroom" line, that song came on when the model asked for a more hip-hop kind of genre rather than lounge. Then we did the appropriate Choreography for such a song. We did the pee dance. ^_^