Friday, November 12, 2010

Taking some time off and Products of the Month!

Hello All My Glamazons!

So after some very serious consideration and an emotional breakdown, I have decided that even though I love doing Make-up, I need some time to put all my finances in order and get out of debt. At the rate I am going, I can't pay anything off.

There is not enough paid work out there for me to make even a part time living at it. So until the spring, I am taking only select paid work since I will be looking for a part time job to help me get out of debt before anything gets too serious for me to handle. No more TFP until further notice.

But no worries, any shoots I have committed to doing will still be done. I won't flake out on you guys!

I am going to do products of the month for you guys, I will probably have more time for my blog now, I am going to do products of the month (Best, Worst, Honorable Mention).

Product : L'Oréal HiP Pencil Liners
Collection: Midnight Muse
Purchased : Shopper's Drug Mart
Price Range: Inexpensive (8.99 to 10.99)

Good Stuff: This eyeliner is absolutely amazing! It has a dreamy creamy feel. This is hands down the best pencil eyeliner I have come across in my life. It creates a smooth line and smudges like a dream. There is absolutely NO pull from this pencil. I adore the colors they came out with for this collection. There is Dark Romance which is a deep Plum, Dark Night which is supposedly a black/brown, but it does not show up brown to me. It could just be me? And Dark Sky which is a rich chocolate brown. Granted, I did not think these had any staying power because of the consistency, but boy was I WRONG! It stayed quite well! I was impressed. The colors are quite lovely and I will have to do some swatches in the future of these!

Bad Stuff: This eyeliner is part of a limited edition collection, so get your hands on them while you can! Also if your eyelids are oily, do apply an eyeshadow base to your eye prior to applying the eyeliner to ensure it does not move on you throughout the day.

Product : Cover Girl Exact Eyelights Eye Brightening Eyeliner
Collection: Exact Eyelights
Purchased : Shopper's Drug Mart
Price Range: Inexpensive (8.99 to 11.99)

Good Stuff: There seems to be a decent collection of colors

Bad Stuff: Sometimes Cover Girl can come out with a product that wows me... this was SO NOT one of these products. The pigmentation is awful, and it has NO staying power. I do not like the consistency and the longevity. This product might be good if you are going to the bar for an hour or 2 but for all day wear, this product is awful.


Product : Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream
Collection: Seen in the HandCare Collection
Purchased : Shopper's Drug Mart
Price Range: Inexpensive (7.99 to 8.99)

Good Stuff: This stuff is like miracle in a tin. It is not only amazing as a cuticle cream, but it is good for
-dry skin patches
-lip balm
-Emergency Flyaway tamer

I used it recently very lightly to tame some flyaways at a shoot. The hair was still shiny. the flyaways were gone and it left a very nice scent to the hair. I would not recommend this all the time as the product does contain beeswax and can mattify your hair and cause build-up over time. It has a delicious lemon scent that makes you just smile when you smell it! Also it is 95% natural, not tested on animals, and is paraben/phthalate free!

Bad Stuff: It can seem a little gunky and heavy at first. Some people might find the scent a little strong. Plus the tin, the lid is like hell to get off if you already have product on your fingers, so do not close the lid until you are sure you've got enough out.

I wish all the best for my Glamazons and until next time,
Stay Sexy!

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