Monday, November 15, 2010

Tip of the week! YAY!

So following suit, not only do we have products of the month, but now I am embarking on tips of the week! EGADS BATMAN!

So tip #1 : If you are in a bind, or feel like being colorful, Eyeshadows and loose pigments can be used as eyeliner!

Now I know this sounds a bit odd to some, but believe me it is really easy and it opens up your kit to a whole new set of possibilities!

I am going to go through the different methods

1. VISINE/WATER - Now, mixing visine with loose pigments or pressed shadows is all fine and dandy, but for prolonged wear, it is no good. Visine just dries. It does not set the make-up. If you wish to use this method to intensify eye looks or create really vivid smoky eyes. If you are using it to create a sharp line, it will not stay put.

WARNING: Not all shadows are meant to be used wet, check with the manufacturer to ensure you do not wreck your shadow or scrape a little of the pressed shadow into a palette so you do not risk ruining a good product.

2. Eyeliner Sealing Liquid - Here is where the money is my lovelies! Using an eyeliner sealant such as Make-Up Forever Eye Seal will waterproof your self made liners and give them incredible staying power! Also it is good if you want to make sure your pencil liners stay in place!

ALSO! You can mix the Eye Seal with fine glitter and create your own waterproof glitter liners! Isn't that awesome!?

WARNING: If you plan on using a pressed shadow as a liner, scrape some into a small dish or palette and work from there. Once the sealing Liquid has saturated the eyeshadow and dries, it becomes a brick and you can no longer use it.

3. Setting Spray/Setting Liquid - Now if you find you are stuck with the visine or water option, Setting Spray is your Best Friend! I like MAC Fix+Spray. It is really easy to use and it has an easy twist lid to ensure that it locks and does not spray inside your bags. There is also Shelaq by Benefit Cosmetics. It is a sealing liquid that is good for setting not only eyeshadow, but lipstick too!

The Eye Seal ($20) and Shelaq ($30) can be purchased at any Sephora location.
The Mist+Fix ($20-25) can be purchased at any MAC location.

All Photos are from either t
he official SEPHORA or MAC Websites. None are mine.

So Until Next Time Glamazons,
Stay Sexy!

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