Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Blocking Brows is Easy!!

Hello Glamazons!

So a lot of you might have a really cool costume in mind for Halloween, but then go CRAP! I have eyebrows!

A lot of you are not keen on shaving them, which I can understand. Only a select few can pull it off well.

So, here are a few alternatives, tips, and tricks to cover those brows!

Dilemma #1 : What to use?

A lot of you are not keen on selling your first born to achieve this look. But you do not have to order things online to be able to do this, but even so, the products necessary are not that expensive.

Online Products : Ben Nye Spirit Gum, Ben Nye Nose and Scar wax, Pros-aide, etc.

Store-Bought Products : A Washable, Non-toxic, Children’s Glue Stick.

All of these products will work to cover the brows. I honestly find the glue stick method works better than the other methods and costs pennies in comparison.

DO NOT BLOCK BROWS WITH LIQUID LATEX OR NAIL GLUE! DEAR LORD! Liquid latex will rip out your brows and Nail glue will rip off the skin.

Dilemma #2: Got my stuff, what do I do with it?

If you have the spirit gum and scar wax, this method does work. First take a small ball of the nose and scar wax and warm it up between your fingers, but not too much. Just enough to make it malleable. Then use your finger to spread it over your brows. Use a lash comb or disposable mascara wand to comb the product through the brows, and then use your finger to smooth over the area. Once this is done, take the spirit gum and paint over the area with wax on it. Apply a few coats and ensure they are dry between layers. A hairdryer is invaluable. Put it on a warmish setting and use this to dry the nose and scar wax, just remember to then use a cool setting or fan to cool the wax to the point where you can apply light pressure to it.

If you are using glue stick, take a small amount of glue and work into a ball between your fingers to ensure it is not lumpy. Then smooth and comb through the brows. Dry it with blow-dryer. Apply another layer of glue, then dry with blow-dryer. Apply as many layers as you need to sufficiently cover the hair and create a smooth surface texture.

I honestly prefer the glue stick method. Way quicker, and way less stinky. It took a few minutes to remove with make-up remover and a pad, but I still have my eyebrows. It worked wonderfully!

Dilemma #3 : I look like an Alien... now what?

Depending on the look you are going for, these next steps are just a guideline.

If you need to whiteout the face apply a layer of white color corrector, grease paint, aqua color paint, etc. then powder with a translucent powder before applying more products to the rest of the face.

If you need a flesh tone, I find using an apricot or salmon concealer over the area, setting with a powder and then stippling with your color of liquid foundation over top with a sponge works great!

If you have a weird fantasy color, follow the same routine as the whiteout method.

Dilemma #4: How do I get it off!

As with everything, warming the stuff on your face with a hot shower will help considerably.

If you do not have the time or the option, you can use just make-up remover and cotton pads over the glue stick brows until the product is gone. This worked great for me. I used Garnier’s Grape Water Make-up remover.

For the wax, I used a spirit gum remover, then using an old plastic card, I scraped the rest of the wax off of my brows before getting a super hot face cloth and soap and working that through my brows to get rid of the wax.

Hopefully this has helped anyone who wanted to know how to do this successfully, and of course I hope this allows for more creative costumes and make-up this year.

Have an awesome time!

Glamazon Beauty.

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