Friday, November 19, 2010

Beauty Questions 2 - Smoky Eyes (No Sad Pandas)

Hello my Glamazons!

So A friend of mine from way back, Sarah, asked this question:

"Hey Courtney, how do I do a smokey eye? I can't seem to get it right, always end up looking like a dead panda."

If that is not descriptive, I honestly don't know what is. LOL!

So to answer her question, I am going to do the most basic easy smoky eye there is!
I chose to do a smoky gray eye since colors might seem a little much and black is not forgiving.
Once again, I am only going to use a MAC #239 for the eyeshadow!

Step by Step, here we go!

STEP 1 : Apply Black Eyeliner pencil to the upper lash line. I apologize for the blurry picture! I used L'Oreal HiP Eyeliner Pencil. There is more info in my November Products of the Month Blog. You can make this line quite thick since you will be smudging it out right away.

*Sidenote* I completely forgot to put a base on my eye so if you notice minor creasing of product, that is why

STEP 2 : Quickly use brush to smudge out line before the liner dries.

Using a blue tinged gray such as "Scene" by MAC, Go over the eyelid and blend up towards the eyebrow not going much past the crease.

STEP 4: Use the same liner and line the bottom lash line, smudge it out, and apply "Scene" over top.

STEP 5: Tight line the eye (TRANSLATION: Line the most inner parts of the eye, top and bottom)

Wipe brush of excess product and use a flesh tone under the brow bone and blend into "Scene" to create a nice smoky gradient. I just used my regular face powder. Also, I took a little of "Dazzlelights" by MAC and applied it to the innermost corners of my eyes to give the eyes a little more intensity.

STEP 7: With an oil free eye make-up remover and a q-tip, clean the under-eye area of any fallout and even out the smudging on both sides. Proceed with concealer,foundation, and powder to set.

STEP 8: Fill in brows! You will look off if your eye make-up is dark and your brows are not defined. btw, I plucked and it hurt like a hot damn! FOR YOU!!!!!!!! lol! Apply 2 coats of mascara. I used Falsies Dark Volume Mascara. I cannot remember who it is by but it comes in the purple tube. I think it is Maybelline? If desired, apply false lashes, but as you can see, I do not need them... yes this is me gloating.


Take a brown a little darker than your natural skin tone and an angled face brush. Suck in your cheeks (make fish lips) and apply the brown in the sunken area. Blend down. Repeat application with a wine colored blush and apply lightly.

: Take a frosty pink lip color and apply with fingertips to lips. This keeps the application from being too thick. You want a sheer application. Anything too thick and you are branching into Jersey Shore territory.

On top of that, take a brown/pink gloss and use in the center of the lips. This will give an illusion of fullness to your lips if they have none, and it's dead shmexy!


Now this look is very sultry for those who do not wear glasses, but for those who do (To answer Kendra's Question) this look is AMAZING WITH GLASSES! It can actually be considered work appropriate with glasses since glasses take some of the intensity away from the make-up.

You can do several variations. Deep greens, browns, purples, blues, teals *wink wink*, etc.
Only work with Black for this look when you have gotten some practice with the Gray. Black does not forgive easily and it is very easy to over-do it. I have done so one more than 1 occasion.



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