Friday, September 17, 2010

Teal - Continued

Hello Glamazons!

So I said before that if you wanted to create a look with teal, there are ways of doing it without doing "the Mimi". One of the best ways is to pair it with a neutral. This keeps it from looking Mimi-ish or costumy.

So here are step by step instructions to wear a teal for the fall.

Step 1 : Prime the eye! SO VERY VERY IMPORTANT! You can use either Urban Decay Primer potion or Too Faced Shadow Insurance. Both of which are available at Sephora. In a pinch, cover the eyelid with concealer. This will create an even surface and a base for the make-up to stick to.

Step 2 : Take a medium brown (shimmer or matte is up to you) and pat onto the eyelid. I used "Underground" from Urban Decay (Available at sephora).

Step 3: Take a teal color, I used MAC Teal Pigment, and place in the crease and blend up a little toward the brow bone. In retrospect, I would probably have taken a little bit of Plumage which is a really dark teal/blue/black color from MAC to intensify the crease a little more.

Step 4: Take a light shimmery champagne color and place on the brow bone area. I used Vanilla Pigment from MAC.

Step 5: Take a bronze or brown eyeliner pencil and line the upper and lower lashline with it. I used the Bronze eyeliner from Anna Sui which is gorgeous. I have larger eyes so I lined my waterline to emphasize the shape. DO NOT do this is you have deep set or smaller eyes. Instead use a white liner on the waterline. This will make the eyes appear larger and more awake.

Step 6: This is where you may use a make-up primer. This smooths away minor skin imperfections and gives the make-up a base to adhere to. It will extend the life of your foundation, which is good if you are planning to wear it for a long period of time. You can skip this if you so desire. I didn't since I was washing it off right after anyways. I would reccomend Make-up Forever Make-up primer. You can get them tinted to counter minor skin imperfections or to enhance the skin color. I normally use the blue tinted base on my face to intensify how pale I am.

Step 7: Conceal Under the eyes if needed. I used a little Make-Up Forever Cream concealer. also use it on any blemishes to even out the skin. Then apply a foundation that you would typically use for your skin type. I just used a powder with buildable coverage since I did not feel like washing cream foundation off. I used Smashbox Halo Powder in Fair. Both products are available at Sephora or select Shopper's Drug Marts. If you are using a liquid or creme foundation, go over with a translucent powder to set.

Step 8: Use a Rosy wine colored blush. If you have larger pores like me, stay away from shimmer blush. It only intensifies pores. Only use it if you have a decent primer on that can correct the texture of your skin. If you have beautiful skin, I envy you, and you can use either matte or shimmer, it is up to you.

Step 9: Use a bronzer that suits your skin tone. I am using the bronzer I got with my Eveline Charles kit. Apply it in the shape of a 3 on either side of your face. Tap off excess Bronzer from a powder brush and start at the forehead. Go in a half circle shape and continue into the hollows of your cheeks (Usually the line the sides of your lips to the center of your ear), then take it down under the jaw. You can continue this until you get the desired bronzy glow. Just remember, it is way easier to add more than to take off, so use sparingly. Then pop a tiny bit of bronzer on your forehead, tops of your cheeks, and a little on your nose where the sun would naturally hit your skin.

Step 10: apply Mascara, I always do this after applying powder, that way it doesn't get all over the lashes and take away the intensity of them. I used my personal Eveline Charles mascara, but I have started using a new mascara, the maybelline falsies mascara and I am converted! I love this particular item from them. I bought a personal one, and I bought a waterproof and regular one for my kit! They are inexpensive and the lashes are fabulous!

Step 11: I used a red linted lipgloss on my lips. As long as it is mostly clear and not opaque, a thin layer actually gives a nice healthy flush to the lips. I used Rimmel Vinyl Gloss in the red tint, Cannot remember the name for the life of me. It's really nice for drugstore brand.

And Voila!

I did not bother to set it but I normally use Make-up Forever Mist and Fix.

So! Leave Comments! Ask me anything you want! Make look requests or advice requests! I cannot give you what you want to see if I don't know what you want right?

Signing off:

Glamazon Beauty!

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