Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Look like a Zombie wihtout trying? READ THIS!

Hello Glamazons!

Do you look like you walked into a wall face first a few times?
Are your under eyes dark and puffy?
Do you look like Courtney Love without make-up on?
Well if any of these apply to you, read on!
(And if they help, Thank Medina Avdic for the Blog Request!)
A lot of women in this day and age are plagued by under eye circles. Girls as young as 15 are trying to conceal these baggies, whether they are genetic or otherwise. So here are a few tips to minimize puffiness and brighten up those under eye areas!

Causes of Under Eye Circles
Lack of Sleep - Ladies, ladies, ladies! If you are not sleeping, your eyes are going to be dark underneath! Get at least 6 hours of sleep a night. It helps your body to rest and refreshes your under eyes!

Poor Diet - Let's face it ladies, if you eat junk, you're gonna look and feel like junk. Proper nutrition is not just healthy for your insides, they are healthy for your outsides too. Try to eat the minimum recommended amounts of each food group daily. If your work or life style prevents that, when you do get a chance, take a multivitamin (on a full stomach). They now make them specifically for women so we get the essential vitamins and nutrients that we need.

Poor Hydration - Dark under eyes are a keen indicator that you are not drinking enough water throughout your day. It is so important! Not only does it keep the under eye circles at bay, it also prevents bloating from eating anything with a high sodium content! 8 glasses a day ladies!

Excessive Drinking - Alcohol is wonderful in moderation. If you drink a lot, it does not act like water. Quite the opposite. It dehydrates your entire system. Next time you go to a bar and have one too many, make sure you have a bottle of water or 2 available and drink them before you go to sleep and have a few glasses when you wake up. This could keep your hangover from kicking your butt.


Under Eye Cream/Gel - This will hydrate the skin under and around your eye. Make sure it is designed for use around the eyes or else milia (Little white bumps caused by particles getting under the skin) will form under your eyes. Also, if you can, find something with vitamin A. It is a gentle exfoliant and will help get rid of milia if you happen to have any, cause there is no way I am taking a scrub under my eyes. The skin is way too sensitive. When you are applying, do not rub in. Because the skin is so thin, you could cause further irritation and actually darken the circles and over time cause more wrinkles. gently pat the cream/gel into the desired area. Always do this before using your facial moisturizer, to keep from getting Milia.

For extra help, keep your eye cream/gel in the fridge. The cold cream/gel will soothe your under eye area and reduce puffiness. They also sell caffeine enriched under eye gel. The caffeine promotes blood flow to reduce puffiness.

When buying under eye creams/gels, ask a sales person what would best suit your needs, Anti-aging? brightening? just remember, if you plan on getting your picture taken have a basic under eye moisturizer without illuminators (or the word Brightening/Lightening on the jar) on hand. It will blow out on camera and make you look like you have reflective tape under your eyes.

Concealer - So once your under eyes are moisturized, it is time for concealer. If your under eye circles are quite distinct, Use a color corrector. For blue under eye ares, use an salmon color. For purple, use something with a yellowish tinge to it. It will cancel out and decrease the color of your under eye darkness. Then go over with a concealer that is just a tad lighter than your skin tone.
I fully recommend the concealers below. The one to the left is Eve Pearl Under Eye Salmon concealer in Fair. The left is the Make-Up Forever Camo Palette. It allows you to custom blend your concealer!

Set it with either a translucent powder or a powder foundation for extra coverage. I use Kryolan Anti-Shine powder or Smashbox's Halo Perfecting Powder. This will set the concealer so it does not crease. For extra sturdiness, use a setting spray like Mist and Fix from Make-Up Forever

THAT IS IT! Keep the requests coming! My e-mail is Glamazon_beauty@yahoo .ca.

Keep it sexy ladies!


  1. Good article! I actually had that under eye black circle problem for years and then it magically went away. Now I'm pretty sure I was constantly dehydrated! Thanks for the info! Keep the articles coming!

  2. That's a great article, thank you! I have problems with the under-eye circles, and I'll be trying some of these tips. Thanks!