Thursday, January 6, 2011


Hello Glamazons!

Since I was unable to do a Products of the month last months, I will do 2 for you this month to make up for it. 2 for each category! Best, Worst, and Honorable Mentions!

Without any more Delay!

Product : Maybelline Falsies Mascara
Collection: Maybelline New York
Purchased : Rexall
Price Range: Inexpensive (8.99 to 9.99)

Good Stuff: I tried this out and I found it works amazing! It gives me instant volume and I have long lashes so half of my battle was already won! It went on like a dream and it does live up to it's name. Whenever I wear it I get asked if I wear false lashes. It's a fantastic product at a low cost and I think this is my new favorite mascara!

Bad Stuff: It is not a lengthening mascara, so if you ladies desire length & volume, this is probably not the product for you

Product : NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk
Purchased : Rexall
Price Range: CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP!!!! (3.99 to 4.99)

Good Stuff: I do not know where to start with this product. It absolutely amazes me every time I use it. This eye pencil is white in color and creates a blank canvas for make-up. As a make-up artist, I find the worst thing is having to pack on copious amounts of eye shadows/pigments to get the color payoff I want. With this eye pencil, I do not have to do that anymore! And it is fantastic. I have been using it for 2 straight weeks and I am so happy with the color payoff! I recommend this to everyone!

Bad Stuff: It is a cream based product. So if you have oily lids or if your make-up tends to crease, I would recommend using a proper eyeshadow base like Urban Decay's Primer Potion (Available at Sephora) underneath. Also, it is a very popular product so if you find it buy several since you may not be able to find it when you run out!

Product :Revlon CustomEyes Mascara
Collection: Custom Eyes Collection
Purchased : Rexall
Price Range: Inexpensive FOR ROBBERY! (11.99 to 12.99)

Good Stuff: It goes on your lashes. Honestly, this is where the good stuff ends for me.

Bad Stuff: This is probably one of the worst Mascaras I have ever used in my entire life. And I have tried a lot of them people! The formulation does not lengthen or give volume. It just goes on, that's it. The dial on the end of the wand is a total gimmick and does nothing to help with the application. If anything, they use it as an excuse to charge you more money. Anyone who knows me knows that I HATE GIMMICKS! Thankfully I was given this by my supervisor at work to try out for free. I will never recommend this mascara to anyone and I will never use it again. Maybe it is just me, but for me it was crap crap crap.

Product: Marcelle Lipsticks
Collection: n/a
Purchased : Rexall
Price Range: Inexpensive (8.99 to 11.99)

Good Stuff: They have a large collection and the feel of the lipstick is not unpleasant

Bad Stuff: I could not stand most of the colors from this brand. They are all practically frosty and metallic and the colors are granny. I mean yuck! Even my lovely cohort Myranda Rytes (Drag Queen Extraordinaire!) found these colors awful and tacky. When a drag queen finds an entire collection of lipsticks tacky, there is obviously a big problem!

They were nourishing granted, but if I want nourished lips, I can get a Burt's bees chap stick for much cheaper and without having to see people wince from the hideousness of the color.

Product: NYX 10 Shadow Palette
Collection: For Your Eyes Only
Purchased : Rexall
Price Range: Inexpensive (12.99 to 14.99)

Good Stuff: They have 4 sets out. Blue eyes, green eyes, brown eyes, and for making a smoky eye. The colors are lovely and are not too bright so it can be used for day to day wear. Plus paying like a dollar a shadow for a well pigmented product is not a bad thing at all! The case is lovely, small, and comes with a decent sized mirror to do your eyes on the go!

Bad Stuff: I really do not like the fact that almost all the colors are shimmery. Except for the Smoky eye palette, there are almost no matte shades in these collections so I don't find them as versatile as I would normally. Also if you are older and have wrinkles in the eye region, do not buy the palettes with no mattes in them or else you can make your wrinkles more pronounced.


Product: Rimmel Vinyl Gloss in Clear
Collection: Rimmel London
Purchased : Rexall
Price Range: Inexpensive (6.99 to 8.99)

Good Stuff: They have tinted as well as clear and I love how shiny this gloss is! It makes having luscious looking lips a total breeze! It is not goopy or unpleasant to wear at all.

Bad Stuff: If you decide to wear the other colors of Vinyl Gloss on their own, they are just shiny, I don't find the pigment overly fantastic.

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